Kat Finds a Friend, a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Story

Written by Joan Stromberg, Illustrated by Eileen McCook

Meet Kat Walter, a nine-year-old shoemaker’s daughter   from Emmitsburg, Maryland. Kat thinks that life is one big chore until she meets   lively Kitty Seton, Mother Seton’s daughter. Kat’s life will never be the same   again! When Mother Seton brings her family and new order of nuns to the   mountainous village of Emmitsburg, Maryland in 1809, it not only changes Kitty’s   life, but her whole family! Meet Kitty, Kat and their friends whose faith,   courage and love of Christ helped bring the first order of American nuns as well   as the first Catholic school to this country. Live with the first sisters and   meet real saints! Unit study on Early American Trades included. Recommended   for Mother of Divine Grace 5th Grade Curriculum.


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