Patron Saint Badges

New Outdoor Themed Patron Saint Badges!


New Outdoor Patron Saint Badges Requirements

Patron Saint Badges requirements

These patches are designed for youth ages 5 to 15 who are participants in Behold Christ Catholic Clubs, i.e., Little Flowers Girls’ Clubs, Blue Knights Boys’ Club, Little Women Hospitality Clubs and Our Lady’s Honor Guard. Although each of these clubs have their own specific award system in place, these badges are designed to widen the experience of the participants within a Catholic context. So, if one is working on pets, the patron saint associated with learning how to care for pets is St. Francis of Assisi. In this way, the youth learn to see the world around them in a Catholic context. This Catholic context is so very important to help us integrate our Catholic faith with every aspect of our lives. In this secular world, we tend to compartmentalize our daily lives into specific areas: work, play, prayer, etc. A Catholic world view means that each area of life is seen through a Catholic lens. God and faith are present everywhere. Sometimes, we just don’t see it or realize it. The goal of these badges is to help youth practice seeing the world through Catholic eyes.



Patron Saint Badges requirements: Patron Saint Badge Requirements

Patron Saint Badges are divided into categories for easy reference and so you can select well-rounded interests.

Home Arts                                   Education                                    

St. Elizabeth-baking                        St. Thomas Aquinas-scholars

St. Martha-cooking                          St. Christopher–travel

St. Zita-cleaning

St. Fiacre-gardening

St. Bernadette-embroidery

St. Zelie Martin-knit & crochet

St. Ann-sewing

Media/Performance              Outreach/Evangelization

St. Gabriel-TV & Media               St. Vincent de Paul-service to the poor

St. John Paul II-acting                 St. Francis Xavier-missionaries

St. John Paul II-acting                 St. Francis Xavier-missionaries

St. Veronica-photography            St. Gianna Molla-pro-life

St. Jacinta-dancing

Technology                                             Outdoors

St. Joseph Cupertino-aviation                 Bl. Pier Giorgio-hiking

St. Joseph-carpentry                                  St. Brendan-boating

St. Isadore-computers                               St. Therese of Lisieux-floriculture

St. Albert the Great-science                      St. Giovanni Gualbert-forestry

St. Barbara of Nicomedia-geology

St. Dominic-astronomy

St. Medard-meteorology

St. Milburga-orinthology

St. Felix of Nola-entomology

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Patron Saint Badge Options

St. Thomas Aquinas scholars-book, St. Joseph of Cupertino aviators-wings, St. Elizabeth of Hungary bakers-bread rose, St. Gabriel media-television, St. Vincent de Paul charity-coins, St. Cecelia music-piano, St. Martha cooks-fork spoon, St. Joseph wood-working-saw, St. Camillus first aid-red cross, St. Francis Xavier missions-ship, St. Christopher travelers-bridge, St. Francis of Assisi pet care-dog, St. Bernadette embroidery-needle and thread, St. Zelie Martin knitting needle and yarn, St. Zita cleaning-broom, St. John Paul the Great acting-masks, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati hiking-hiker, St. Fiacre gardening – produce basket, St. Isadore computers/technology-laptop, St. Gianna Molla pro-life-rose, St. Jacinta dance-ballet shoes, St. Albert the Great science-microscope, St. Brendan watercraft-boat, St. Veronica photography-camera, St. Ann sewing-thimble and thread, St. Barbara-geology, St. Dominic-Astronomy, St. Milburga-Ornithology, St. Felix-Entomology, St. Medard-Meteorology, St. Giovanni Gualberto-Forestry, St. Therese of Lisieux-Floriculture


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