Why Should I Learn This?

Erin Brown Conroy, MA MFA and Maureen Wittmann, editors

With key information from over thirty outstanding authors, teachers, and professionals, Why Should I Learn This is a resource to read and share with your students to increase motivation, gain encouragement, and ensure success in learning. Each chapter shares why teaching and learning a specific subject — or why learning through a specific pedagogical approach — will help your student become a person of excellence. Whether it is philosophy, math, or creative writing, with this book, you can now find the answers to your question: Why Should I Learn This?

“Here’s the answer to many of the “Why’s you (or your children) have asked about education. Whether you homeschool or not, this book is a treasury of well-crafted answers that will leave you with answers and, amazingly, even entertained! —Sarah Reinhard, author and blogger, SnoringScholar.com and CatholicMom.com

“Why Should I Learn This is a treasure trove of information that can equip a homeschooler for years to come. I am impressed by the organization of the book, by the remarkable contributors, and by the depth of knowledge shared. As harried homeschool moms, it’s often times difficult to rise above our daily lesson plan book to look at the bigger picture. Why Should I Learn This makes it easy to take a moment or two to contemplate on our philosophy of education and the essence of our calling.”

~ Rosario Reilly, founder AquinasLearning.org


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