Wreath I 1.25″ Buttons

These adorable Wreath I 1 1/4″ buttons proclaim proudly that I’ve Got…Virtue!! Put them on sashes, vests, Little Flower totes or shirts, anywhere you want! Use them for incentives, rewards, trading, and collecting! Best of all, at $1.50 per pin or $11.95 for the entire set of 9 for each virtue in Wreath I. Pins have the name of the virtue and an image of the flower associated with the virtue.


Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 4 × .5 × 4 in
Virtue Medal Awards

Faith, Hope, Love of God, Love of Neighbor, Piety, Humility, Obedience, Industry, Truthfulness, Set of 9 Wreath I Buttons


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